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I have lived in Royal Palm Beach for over 25 years and I'm on my 2nd set of trash and recycle bins. I was blown away by the job Bin Medics did on my bins....I haven't had them look and smell as clean as they are now since they were newly issued. Thank you Fred for great work. I'm so happy with your services.

Margie R.

I never thought that my trash bin needed cleaning until I saw it clean.. I was so impressed at the look and smell.. My business dumpster is also cleaned by Binmedics and I no longer see rats nor flies hanging around.. thanks Binmedics!!🙂

King T.

What a great idea they came up with. I was amazed how clean my bin got. They do an amazing job and are great people. So important to have a disinfected garbage bin and now it is possible. I highly recommend this service.

Nina F.

I believe this to be a brilliant new service. I had my trash can cleaned by them yesterday and they did a great job. I would recommend them to anyone..

Roberta S.

Bin medics was awesome. Great service. I highly recommend them they will not disappoint you.

Christopher G.

I highly recommend Bin Medics. My trash can looks brand new!


Genius idea! Very professional. I had my bins cleaned today and they look and smell new!

Cristina R. B.

The best system to keep garbage containers sanitary by using an environmentally safe service!!!

MK Lahlou

They made my dirty trash containers look and smell like new! Thanks!!

Dana Siegel F.