Palm Beach County, FL

Cleaned Sanitized & Deodorized!

"Let Us Do The Dirty WorK"

Did you know that dirty trashs bins are a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses; such as ecoli, listeria and salmonella.
In addition to horrible smells, dirty trash bins also produce a food source for unwanted guests; such as insects and rodents.

Eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Eliminates the presence of insects.

Deters the presence of rodents.

Promotes an healthy enviroment.

Our sanitizing and deodorizing solutions are environmentally approved.

At CWI, we perform the highest level of commercial and residential waste bin cleaning. Our cleaning process consist of 5 parts:
Pre-Treatment: Eco-Degreaser and Microbial Soap is applied
Entrapped Waste is removed utilizing a scraper and brush.
High Temperature(200 degree) Water Rinse.
Used Wastewater is recovered and disposed of properly.
Enzyme Digester and Deodorizer is applied.