Waste Container Management Service
Clean Waste Industries (Bin Medics LLC) offers custom solutions to all your waste container needs. Our only sale is the service of your waste containers.

“Extending the Service Life of Your Containers”

Service Examples:

1. Container Delivery
New customers
Replacement for missing/stolen containers
2. Container Removal
Cancelled customers
Expired Franchise Contracts
3. Container Swap-outs
Replacement for broken container
Increase or decrease in container size
Lid exchanges for color requirements based on waste stream
4. Container Repairs & Maintenance (Plastic & Metal)
Lid, wheel, axle, lift bar repairs & replacements curbside
Container welding through state-of-the-art injection welding equipment
Parts are also salvaged if possible to be used on future repairs.

5.  Container Washing 

Eco-Friendly Trash Bin Steam Cleaning, Dumpster Sanitizing/Rinse Out.

“Our Cleaning Process”

“Before & After Images of Cleaned Bins”

bins_green bins_blue