Palm Beach County, FL

Cleaned Sanitized & Deodorized!

"Let Us Do The Dirty WorK"

Did you know that dirty trashs bins are a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses; such as ecoli, listeria and salmonella.
In addition to horrible smells, dirty trash bins also produce a food source for unwanted guests; such as insects and rodents.

Eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Eliminates the presence of insects.

Deters the presence of rodents.

Promotes a healthy enviroment.

Our sanitizing and deodorizing solutions are environmentally approved.

At CWI, we perform the highest level of commercial and residential waste bin cleaning. Our cleaning process consist of 5 parts:
Pre-Treatment: Eco-Degreaser and Microbial Soap is applied
Entrapped Waste is removed utilizing a scraper and brush.
High Temperature(200 degree) Water Rinse.
Used Wastewater is recovered and disposed of properly.
Enzyme Digester and Deodorizer is applied.